11. Never ever feel disappointed or upset when you see your Guru's bad behavior or hear any unpleasant news regarding your Guru. This is because Guru's attitude or behavior has nothing to do with you. What you need is the Guru's lineage, the teachings and the blessings. You will only received blessings if you have strong faith in your Guru. The dog's teeth can be a source of blessings and why not the encompassing blessing from your Guru.

12. Never ever consider your guru as friend or just having the 'liking' feeling towards Him. it will only cause you trouble as this is not the pure devotion but is the so-called 'liking' devotion. Choose your Guru by cultivating the trust devotion and eventually turn it into the unchangeable devotion. The unchangeable devotion means if anything happens to you, your Guru devotion will not be fabricated and negative thoughts towards your Guru will not arise.
13. Never ever miss your daily dharma practice. Even though you are extremely busy or reach home late from work, you must do your daily dharma practice with the exception that you are seriously ill or hospitalized.

14. When you are in the prayer hall (centre) or in front of your Guru, DO NOT make noise as it is not respectful to your Guru and the mandala.

15. Treating each other as enemy and talking bad about vajra brothers and sisters causes the heaviest bad karma in Tibetan Vajrayana. it is considered breaking one of the samayas

16. Likewise, having negative thoughts towards your vajra brothers and sisters is also considered as breaking one of the samayas.

17. You only have a mouth to talk. It is better for you to use this mouth to recite mantras and prayers. DO NOT misuse the function of the mouth by talking bad about other people even though that person has a terrible attitude.

18. DO NOT listen to rumors. When you tend to listen to rumors, your anger and desire will increase. Therefore, if your husband/your wife or your friends tell you something bad about other people, your duty is to stop him or her immediately from continuing.

19. We always visualized and cultivate the bodhicitta mind (to benefit all sentient beings) in all our practice and prayers. Before you benefit all sentient beings, why don't you try to benefit your own vajra brothers and sisters.

20. Pray to the Guru and the Triple Gems when you wake up in the morning for their immeasurable blessings. Pray to the Guru and the Triple Gems before you sleep to confess all negative deeds which you have done intentionally or unintentionally during the day

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